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Technology Short Take 145

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Welcome to Technology Short Take #145! What will you find in this Tech Short Take? Well, let’s see…stuff on Envoy, network automation, network designs, M1 chips (and potential open source variants!), a bevy of security articles (including a couple on very severe vulnerabilities), Kubernetes, AWS IAM, and so much more! I hope that you find something useful here. Enjoy!



  • Howard Oakley of The Eclectic Light Company discusses some details on Apple’s M1 chip and what it does differently than other chips. Also included in this post are links to other articles with even more details—very helpful.
  • Are open source M1-style chips a possibility? This article seems to think so.


  • The last several weeks haven’t been very nice to Azure with respect to security issues. First there was a vulnerability in the CosmosDB database that, according to this Reuters article, exposed “keys that control access to databases held by thousands of companies.” Following that incident came news of “Azurescape,” billed as the first cross-account container takeover in the public cloud. Finally, I recently saw this news about a “minor privilege escalation” within Azure AD.
  • Colm MacCárthaigh discusses AWS SIGv4 and SIGv4A and some of the details and differences between the two.
  • The AWS WorkSpaces client had a remote code execution flaw (versions before 3.1.9 are affected). See more details here.
  • This isn’t good. Better patch your vCenter Server instances, as VMware released a security advisory with a long list of CVEs, including one with a severity score of 9.8/10.

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  • Rather than trying to curate my own list of storage-related links this time around, I’ll point you to this list instead, curated by none other than Dr. J Metz himself.


That’s all for this time around! If you have any feedback for me—additional sites I should monitor for content, or other topics I don’t cover that you think would be useful to readers—I’d love to hear from you! The easiest way to get in touch with me is via Twitter, but I’m also accessible via e-mail (my address isn’t too hard to find) or Slack (I frequent several different Slack communities). Feel free to reach out.

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