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Our Austin IT services keeps your technology in its most secure and reliable state, onsite or in the cloud, around the clock. We achieve this by conducting rigorous preventive maintenance and supporting your end users with fast responses and resolutions.  By establishing long-term partnerships, we gain an intimate understanding of your business needs and how technology can help you meet them.  Our goal is to transform your infrastructure, make it more resilient, save you money, and provide better service than you’re currently experiencing.
Short hold times = improved productivity and reduced costs
People waiting on hold for support cannot be productive. We address this by providing super-fast response times of typically under 1 minute. Because we staff through empirical metrics, we always have enough engineers available to service our clients. We have this down to a science!

Fast resolutions = improved productivity and reduced losses

We can resolve issues quickly because we employ only certified and experienced engineers who are capable of resolving the most difficult issues. Our Engineering group collectively has over 150 certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, AWS, and Azure, to name a few.

Comprehensive documentation = service consistency and time saving for your users

It is our philosophy that documentation is king. We assign a lead engineer to your account who is responsible for keeping your documentation up to date and training other engineers on your environment. Because of this, you’ll always talk to someone who knows about your network instead of needing to repeat yourself every time you call.

Reporting and dashboards = full accountability and transparency

Gain peace of mind knowing that we have your IT under control. We provide reports on your network along with technical and managerial reviews each quarter, or more frequently if you require it. You will have evidence that your network is in good health, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Reliable data backups = ability to withstand any ransomware attack or disaster

Every company must have secure backups of their data. This requires process engineering, a monitoring system, and manual inspections to ensure the right data is being backed up and can actually be restored when needed.

Dedicated account manager = exceptional customer service

We invest in dedicated account managers for our clients – a sole point of contact for all account-related issues – because in the chaotic world of IT, a single person needs to be ultimately responsible. We consistently maintain over a 95% satisfaction rating from our customers.

Leveraging our trusted partners = time and cost savings

Because we are IT specialists, we know there will be times when you need solutions we do not provide. We maintain a network of long-term trusted partners that have proven themselves to us and our clients time and time again. So when you are looking for a solution that we do not provide, you simply need to engage us and we will help you make the right decision quickly.

Complete ownership = one throat to choke and an end to multi-vendor hassles

One of the most frequent complaints we hear about our competition is that they never really own an issue and instead play the blame game. We believe the buck stops here. If an issue is with another provider, we call them on your behalf. But we own it – we don’t pass it along to them. We see it through to resolution.

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