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Nearly all your organization’s daily operations depend on its network infrastructure. Therefore, you will want to ensure your IT systems are always strong and reliable. You can count on s0x to custom design and build your enterprise network. We then provide the people and tools necessary to manage, maintain and monitor it 24/7/365.

  • Next-generation technologies. In the IT-sphere, changes rapidly occur. It can be costly and confusing for a business owner to keep up. But, it is important, so you can remain competitive in an increasingly techie world. As your trusted managed network services provider, s0x relieves you of that pressure. Regardless of your organization’s size, you will have access to the same infrastructures being managed in-house by many large corporations. Count on s0x to level the playing field.
  • Cost control. Instead of incurring the costs of hiring and training an in-house IT staff, paying their wages and then not knowing when you may need their services, you can partner with s0x only when you do need us. With our diverse team of experienced and qualified IT specialists, you get cutting-edge expertise on tap.
  • Greater efficiency. By centralizing your key business systems in data centers and making use of a virtual platform to run your applications, your staff can perform at optimal efficiency and from wherever they are located. Managed IT services can also result in significant power savings and a smaller carbon footprint for your organization.
  • Increased productivity. Through constant vigilance, we help you avoid costly downtime by identifying potential issues and swiftly acting before they become major challenges. Likewise, we quickly and precisely implement vital system upgrades, ensuring your business continually runs at peak performance.
  • Disaster protection. s0x keeps your organization’s valuable data and IT resources safely centralized in an off-site location, with cloud backup. This allows your business operations to go on with minimal disruption, even if your primary office is lost in a natural disaster.
  • Management of IT labor expenses. Typically, labor expense is one of the largest line items in an IT department budget. In-house IT departments often include staff and management to maintain networks, servers, storage, workstations and security. Moving portions of in-house IT to s0x will likely not replace all these resources. However, it can help significantly reduce IT labor expense. Growing organizations find partnering with s0x as an extension of their IT teams helps them more effectively scale.


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