s0x IT Services Cloud Adobe adds analytics tools and more customer data to Experience platform

Adobe adds analytics tools and more customer data to Experience platform

Adobe adds analytics tools and more customer data to Experience platform post thumbnail image

The new features will make it easier to understand the customer journey and customize user experiences.

At the all-online Summit 2020, Adobe announced new features to its Experience Platform that combines data silos and provides more tools to analyze customer data.

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Anjul Bhambhri, head of platform engineering at Adobe, said that the company has launched a new web SDK and refreshed its mobile SDK.

“This will enable data to be collected from web and mobile channels by leveraging a single Javascript library tied to first party domain for all Adobe products,” she said.

This data flows to the new Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network. Bhambhri said by reducing the amount of code on each page by 80%, customers found that page load time was 70% faster.

Bhambhri gave the data insights keynote, “Ignite Experiences Through Real-time Customer Intelligence.”

These changes also will allow Adobe customers to create real-time customer profiles that capture numerous data points, including purchasing patterns, offers, emails opened, and web site activity. Bhambhri said that Adobe has 36 patents related to real-time customer profiles.
“This allows mass personalization in milliseconds at large scale,” she said.

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Eric Matisoff, a senior evangelist for analytics and data science at Adobe, explained how these new features improve customer journey analytics. 

With the platform, a marketer can create a funnel of the preferred path for a customer from an initial landing page to the desired purchase. The enhancements announced Tuesday allow Adobe customers to apply filters to this path to understand how customers from different sources move through this path. 

Customers using a free trial might be more likely to make it to the product purchase page while a different set of customers might not. This information can help marketers customize the user experience to increase the chances of making a sale.

Matisoff also showed off new privacy protections for certain datasets. Users can add privacy protections to data sets that might fall under special regulatory requirements.

“The sensitive dataset is labeled as restricted, and we enforce this restriction as well,” he said. 

Bhambhri said that new features in the Adobe Analytics platform also will improve customer journey analytics, by adding: 

  • Cross-device analytics
  • A data science workspace
  • A query service

She said the service makes it easy to generate and test hypotheses about web site features, and customer activity. 

“Now, anyone can explore customer data and answer open-ended questions about user behavior,” she said.

She said improvements for this product also include an algorithmic attribution model in the analysis workspace to assess marketing and content investments and new functionality in the Data Science Workspace to allow customers to build, train, and publish their own models.

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At Summit 2020, Adobe announced new customer data analysis features for its Experience Platform.

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At Summit 2020, Adobe announced new customer data analysis features for its Experience Platform.

Image: Adobe

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