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Cool Tool – Namo DNS server for MacOS

Cool Tool – Namo DNS server for MacOS post thumbnail image

To prepare for the delivery of an upcoming training course, I’ve deployed a few virtual machines in Fusion on my new iMac. I’ve configured this iMac with 32 GB of memory and I’m running vCenter 6.7, vRealize Operations 7.5, vRealize Orchestrator 7.6 and one nested ESXi 6.7 host with 4 Photon VM’s on it.

Since all these solutions must be connected and registered, I had to find a way to provide DNS services with the lowest overhead. First I’ve looked at Dnsmasq but this tool wasn’t so easy to use. I’ve found a great alternative called Namo, it even has a graphical user interface. 

NAMO is a tool to easily configure a local DNS Server on your Mac. So NAMO helps you to call a virtual machine running in Fusion from your desktop or another virtual machine via a domain name in your network. Queries that are not resolvable are forwarded to your provider. The only downside, you have to pay 19 € for the license.

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