s0x IT Services Cloud How delivering seamless UX and improving business outcomes will dovetail in 2020

How delivering seamless UX and improving business outcomes will dovetail in 2020

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The way that consumers and end-users interact with businesses and their services has changed dramatically in the last decade. Today, nearly every transaction is supported by applications, meaning the role of IT has evolved from being a back-office function to a strategic enabler that makes the difference between success and failure for everyone in the business. 

If organisations want to succeed in 2020 and beyond, they need to deliver seamless user experiences. The only way to achieve this is with a multidisciplinary view of user experience and digital services across the organisation. Digital business application owners, IT and DevOps teams need to understand the direct link between user experience, application performance and business outcomes.

Struggling with tunnel vision

However, while the data to unlock that insight is already flowing through the business and being analysed, it’s usually siloed across disparate tools. This makes it nigh on impossible to understand data in context and turn it into actionable answers that can improve business outcomes.

These silos have evolved as different teams within the organisation have adopted their own tools for a variety of use cases. These tools all provide important information, but their siloed nature leaves individual teams with tunnel vision, as they are unable to see the wider context of what each set of data means for the business as a whole.

As a result, it is very difficult to determine the impact IT performance has on business outcomes without a lot of manual correlation. That takes time and in some cases is nearly impossible to do at all given the dynamic and complex nature of modern cloud environments. As such, it fails to provide actionable answers when they’re needed most – in real-time.

Looking at the bigger picture

To make more informed decisions and prioritise efforts to optimise digital services based on the impact on business outcomes, organisations need access to software intelligence that provides context. For example, IT teams and application owners could use business and application performance data to prioritise initiatives to improve customer journeys based on how revenues and conversions are being affected. This can only be achieved by breaking down the silos between tools and implementing a common data model that ties user experience, customer behaviour and application performance data together with business metrics.

If that data model is combined with deterministic AI, which provides precise insights into the root cause of anomalies, it’s possible to analyse the vast quantities of data flowing through the organisation and uncover real-time answers to business questions. In some cases, these answers can be used to automate remediation, so teams within the business don’t even need to manually intervene and resources can be used more effectively to provide better outcomes for the organisation.

Getting ahead of the game

Ultimately, today’s businesses live or die based on the ability to deliver perfect software and seamless digital journeys. In such an environment, it’s crucial that everyone in the organisation has access to real-time answers that reveal how business outcomes are being impacted by application performance. That’s impossible to achieve if everyone is just looking at their own piece of the puzzle.

Digital business application owners, IT and DevOps teams need to put their heads together and work collaboratively to see the full picture of what’s happening. By breaking down the walls between tools and taking a new, multidisciplinary approach to how they run the business, organisations can leap ahead of their competitors in 2020, by unlocking the answers they need to improve business outcomes.

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