s0x IT Services Cloud Hyperconverged Infrastructure Emancipates Your Storage from Hardware Dependency

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Emancipates Your Storage from Hardware Dependency

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure offers a scalable, flexible, reliable, and convenient to use data storage solution for the enterprises. Hyperconvergence also puts no limits to how much data can be stored. The storage capacity is set free of limits and boundaries. In this article, Hyperconverged Infrastructure will be discussed in light of its ability to delimit the storage capacity, which is also referred to as scalability. Theoretically speaking, the storage capacity offered by hyperconverged infrastructure is believed to be limitless. You can add as much storage as you want.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Offers Scalability

In the data storage world, the increasing amount of data needed to be managed and stored, asks for scalable data storage solutions. A solution that can expand at the will of the enterprises according to their data needs and requirements. A solution that is scalable enough to meet the challenges of the modern world with data lakes flooding the data centers.

This required scalability is not possible to achieve if the software of the vendor is hardware dependent. A software running on one proprietary hardware is not compatible to run on any other hardware, thus limiting the scope of the solution.

Hyperconvergence offer freedom from this limitation. The software used in the hyperconverged infrastructure does not limit the enterprise to one hardware, rather allows it to run the software on different hardware in order to allow maximum flexibility and scalability.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Comes Up with a Solution

Hyperconvergence solves this problem with the best possible solution. HCI offers emancipation of the software from the hardware dependency. Now enterprises do not have to add separate hardware in order to enhance the storage capacity. The software is now flexible and compatible enough to add unlimited storage to the hardware.

Hardware and software of the traditional storage solutions are separated from each other in Hyperconverged Infrastructure. This is what makes it highly scalable, easy to use, effective and flexible data storage solution.

To understand this concept, let us imagine that you have more than one servers, let it be X86. These servers have varying storage capacity. To use the storage of every server, there is a need to have separate software. It makes the infrastructure very messy and rigid.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Delimits Storage capacity

What Hyperconvergence does is that it puts the storage capacities of different servers together in one location so that one software is enough for all the servers you have. Also, the fact that the storage capacity is no more there, you can store unlimited data with SDS.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Makes Hardware Selection Easier

Hyperconvergence also emancipates the enterprises form the headache of selecting the right hardware on the basis of the assumption and prediction of how many data they will need to store and how much the hardware is offering them. Selecting the hardware is nothing less than painful in this case. Whereas, Hyperconverged Infrastructure allows you to choose almost any hardware and will allow you to store as much data as you wish to store.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure is Like an Abstract Art

Hyperconvergence does not rip off the storage from the hardware though, it rather abstracts the storage commands and queries by adding a layer on the infrastructure that allows you to use the company’s servers instead of the rigid in flexible proprietary hardware. It is like an abstract art which can be interpreted in unlimited ways.

Hyperconverged storage solves thee storage capacity problems by assuming that the hardware it is running on it going to collapse, and as a preventive measure it allocates the storage space to across the entire network. HCI is able to run on the virtual machines as well as on the standard operating system of the server.


Hyperconverged Infrastructure means that you are no more limited to the storage capacity offered to you by your proprietary hardware. It allows you to get as many data stored as you want. There has been a major shift in the industry towards the SDS from the old school traditional data storage infrastructures. It transforms the old legacy data storage solutions into dynamic solutions which makes the enterprises experience what was not experienced before. It makes the data security, reliability, flexibility and scalability possible and easier.

Hyperconverged infrastructure is the best for the simplification of the data center complexity which means there will be more efficiency and ease of use. The opportunities to make your storage unlimited, theoretically speaking, to say the least, are limitless. With Hyperconvergence, enterprises can be sure that they are getting the simplest, reliable and flexible solution in which all the aspects like that of compute, network and storage are tightly integrated together which allows them to make the maximum use of storage technology for making their data secure, available and accessible all the time.


Author: George Williams

George Williams has over 13 years of technical writing and copywriting experience in the data storage, backup and disaster recovery, and archiving markets. A true geek with love for ease and simplicity in data storage, George has been working for StoneFly Inc. for over a decade. Ever since StoneFly started shipping products since 2006, George has been working to ensure that technical information is relayed in a simple and effective way to customers and targeted audience. George helps curate content and works with numerous publishers and technology blogs to spread awareness and knowledge of data storage technology.

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