s0x IT Services Cloud,VMware vCloud Director 10.0 is here!!

vCloud Director 10.0 is here!!

vCloud Director 10.0 is here!! post thumbnail image

VMware vCloud Director 10

For those who were following VMware vCloud Director Evolution lately, it has been developing quite fast and new features have been added continuously at a none matched speed. The development vCloud Director had over the past couple of years just amaze me as has surpassed what was delivered in 6 years development cycle previously.

vCloud Director 10 Evolution over time

vCloud Director 10.0 is here! Below is a summary of what it’s bringing to the table. Tons of great features and enhancement and more to come as we progress.

Modernizing Cloud Operations and Improving Core Efficiency

  • VCD as Central Point of Management: added Admin and Tenant UI, listing of vCenter inventory
  • Events API
  • VCD Appliance: Enhancements in migration, HA, certificate mgmt. These are very important for those who are keen to move to the vCD Appliance which is the direction where vCloud Director is going in the future.
  • VRO Plugin: Enable Multi-tenancy in VRO plugin and VRO cluster support. This will take vCD extensibility to the next level.
  • Enhanced support for VM storage placement with SDRS: added support for intra-SPOD placement; improved support for: inter-SPOD placement, datastore + SPOD hybrid placement, named disks and linked clones’ placement
  • Upgrading the appliance using the default VMware repository
  • Template based deployments, New Template Repository.

Improving User Experience and Service Delivery

  • HTML5 Transition: Complete Tenant and Admin Portal Transition. Deprecate Flex UI
  • Separate Login URL for Provider, Tenant
  • Compute Policy UI (admin and tenant): VM Sizing and VM Placement policies for flexible VM-level compute management in a PVDC and VDC. This had been asked for by SPs for a while This smart placement will help with things such as licensing and workload distribution based on policies.
  • UI for Named Disks: added ability to attach/detach named disks via the H5 UI; improved UI for create/edit/view of named disks

Improving Developer-Readiness and Laying the Foundation for Multi-Cloud

  • CSE Kubernetes: Enable Essential PKS. This is big for those looking for a non-opinionated Kubernetes below vCD
  • Python SDK & vCD-CLI: Add VM and vApp management workflows
  • NSX-T Integration: Basic Tenant Edge Services in VCD
  • Multi-tenancy on VMC: Networking Support of VMC and Operator Locked Sys Admin Accounts

Documentation and Links:

  • Download Link:
  • Release Notes:
  • Documentation Link:
  • GA Blog:
  • Announcement Blog:
  • What’s New Doc:

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